Yersin Endoscopy Center is built with modern design to fullfill all technical and medical requirements. Reverse osmosis purification system was installed to assure the water quality for all procedures. Automated washer Medivator  DSD201 and Ultrasonic Cleaner Elma 450H help to keep international standards of equipment  reprocessing.

Besides the well defined customer  area with spacious, convenient waiting room, the procedure zone is separated with one way traffic  for clean/dirty differentiation. Reprocessing room  is isolated from procedure rooms.  All equipments are brand new  and latest generation. Recovery room is home-like for quick recovery and enhanced comfortability, still maintained high safety.

Waiting area Recovery spaces

Highly skilled and friendly staffs  will accompany our patients with smiles, giving them the most  comfort experience with endoscopy ever. Family and relatives are allowed to present  if requested  by  patient.  All related information are provided and concern are explained  before the exam.

Many choices are available upon request and need. Standard endoscopes are routine. Nasal endoscope is used to reduce nauseous and  uncomfortable feeling.  Capsule endoscopy  is indicated for suspected small bowel  lesion. Endoscopy with sedation  offers completely painless endoscopy.

Referral physician may contact  directly with Yersin staffs to discuss about findings and pathology.  Early report may be made by phone at the moment the exam is finished.  Endoscopy and pathology report can be sent by fax or email later.

- Gastroscoy Information sheet

- Colonoscopy Information sheet

During the exam, patient ‘s vital signs are monitored continuously to detect  cardiovascular and respiratory change if there is any. After that, close surveillance is maintained until discharge.

Post exam consultation is offered to inform the patient  all results and suggestions.

Gastroscopy at Yersin Consultation after procedure

Yersin Endoscopy Center is commited to perform all procedures safely  with respect and  honesty.

We believe that endoscopy should be practiced  in a safe and convenient way so that patient  can understand its value and  contribute actively in their own care , specially  for  GI cancer screening.

- Preparation for GI endoscopy at YIC

- Information sheet  of pediatric endoscopy

- Preparation for pediatric endoscopy at YIC

- Information sheet of PY Test

- Information sheet of  Helicobacter Pylori Infection

- Information sheet of Esophageal cancer

Pediatric  Endoscopy

Pediatric endoscopy is a very special branch of GI endoscopy.  The difference is not only about equipments but  many other factors as well. Among them,  emotional  influence, anatomical details and pathology characteristics  are the most important to consider.

First of all,  body structure is so delicate that compatible equipments and cautious procedures are extremely required. In most cases, equipment  is selected  according to age group and weights. All involved  devices  such as pump, aspirator, electrocautery  system should be calibrated and set at optimal level in children.  All medications  such as bowel cleansing,  hemostatic  solution need to be changed to comparable dosage.  Relatively small capacity of airway  system and hypersensitive  reaction are other predisposing  factors of  respiratory accidents  during the exam.

In reality, it’s difficult to explain to kids about advantages and  disadvantages of the indicated exam . It’s a unforgettable experience , or even an emotionall event  if  the kid is scoped without  sedation.  As a matter of facts,  sedation is recommended for almost all pediatric  endoscopy below 15. An experienced, senior anesthesiologist  is obligatory to avoid  severe complication.

Expensive equipments,  high safety standards and high complication rate  are most common reasons  why not many centers can afford to this kind of  exam.  Yersin International Clinic  is one place to offer  high quality service and accommodation  for  a safe and convenient  procedure for your children, just in case you may need it.

1.Friendly staffs at YIC  will make kids feel like home.

2.Luxury waiting area, convenient recovery  room

3.While waiting, kids can visit  Yersin Playground

4.All equipments are disinfected automatically with international standards

5.Endoscope is selected  based on age and weight

6.Highly experienced anesthesiologist with pediatric cases

7.Pressure, respiratory and Blood Oxygen monitoring for all pediatric exams

8.Yersin Pediatrician  is available at all time for consultation

9.Standardized protocol for every endoscopy procedure.

10.Parents may be allowed to present during the procedure