Gynecology & Obstetrics

Our Ob-Gyn section  has a team of female doctors with experience in major hospitals in the city. We offer diagnostic services, effective treatment for common issues in gynecology including infertility consultation.

We guarantee that clients will be cared in a friendly and professional environtment. We also offer full service and various procedures to ensure all the care needs of women. The customer 's privacy is also our top concern.

With modern equipment such as colposcope, ultrasound, mammography, bone scan,  International Clinic Yersin provide following services:

  • Screening for breast cancer: We designed  breast package with mammography, ultrasound, breast biopsy (FNA)  for women in risk.

  • Screening for cervical cancer: Applying the guidelines of the World Health Organization for cancer screening, we help patients to identify early stage of cervical cancer for most effective treatment.

  • Treatment of common gynecological diseases, such as PIDs, STDs, menorrhagia, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts . In case a surgery is needed, our doctor may direct you for the right place and time to get problem solved.

  • Family Planning: Advising and providing services such as birth control,  IUD implantation.

  • Menopause issues: We advise and offer care packages for customers pre and postmenopausal.

  • Prenatal care: Under the guidance of the World Health Organization, along with the modern equipment and screening tests for fetal malformation, we will monitor you throughout your pregnancy, provide support and caesarean section at the place of your choice.