Yersin aims to create an intimate relationship with you. Therefore, we do not want the child to feel that they 're coming to visit "the doctor". Instead, we create a warm atmosphere of a family with an in-house environment. Nicely designed and beautifully decorated, the playground help children feel relaxed and enjoy each time they come to Yersin.
Joyful smiles Playground

Our pediatricians are not only experienced in their physical issues, but very sympathy to the child's mental health. Always listening, always understanding- It's simply the best guarantee to find the cause of the child's disorder.

We do appreciate the family's partnership in the process of monitoring and caring for the children, especially mom' s role of the mother. Our doctors will help parents understand their child pathology and its very true cause. Only after that, adjust on the lifestyle, diet , nutrition  wil  take part in the appropriate treatment for the child.

Having fun "Visiting" a patient

In general, Yersin Clinic is capable of perform most necessary tests for common diseases in children. In particular, due to Helicobacter pylori infection status and colon polyps in children are remarkable facts, Yersin has two systems of gastroscopy and colonoscopy specifically dedicated for children.

Our clinics also practice safe vaccination with skilled staff  and strictly revised protocol to avoid any unexpected possible event.