Gastroenterology & Hepatology

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1.Liver diseases

Hepatitis and cirrhosis have various chronic complications. Careful follow up and detailed consultations  will help patients to avoid serious outcomes. This is a prerequisite to ensure the success of treatment.

For cirrhotic patients, periodic monitoring will help patients to achieve a stable life and to detect early complications. Outpatient based management using x ray/endoscopic treatment can be helpful to eliminate different complications such as liver cancer, esophageal varices, electrolyte disorders, etc. ...

2.Biliary diseases

With modern equipment and procedures, Yersin clinic is able to perform most  pancreatic and biliary endoscopic interventions to treat patients  within a shortest possible time. We have extensive experience in managing complex cases such as CBD stones, biliary atresia, pseudocyst, bile leakage, etc. ...

3.Gastro-Intestinal diseases

Cases of drug-resistant Helicobacter infection can be treated with the most updated guidelines in the world. Common diseases of colorectal area like polyp, hemorrhoids can also be gently solved  without  surgery.