Heart disease is a common issue. Diabetes, high blood pressure and ischemic heart disease are closely associated, leading to various damages of cardiac blood supply and muscle. To estimate the heart  lesion’s severity, many tests can be used, may be simple such as EKG or Echography or more complicated such as stress Echo or Heart CT.

Most complicated  and/or invasive studies (CT angiography, Heart catheterization) are indicated  when suspected lesions are severe, probably for candidats of surgery or interventional angiography.

Yersin Clinic  has its own way to approach heart diseases. We don’t really  focussed on severe cases that need  intensive treatment. Our strategy is to detect  heart problems at  early stages  where medical treatment and lifestyle modification can bring more benefits. We believe that early detection and treament  will have more positive influence to individuals and  community.

Keep that in mind, our system prefers cardiac screening by careful consultation combined with funtional testing modalities. Blood pressure monitoring, Holter monitoring and Stress EKG are  simple tests but also very effective to clarify the person in risk of heart diseases.

- Routine EKG and Sress EKG evaluate physiologic  cardiac activities under different conditions.

- 24h Holter Monitoring  detects  temporary dysrythmia.

- 24h Blood pressure monitoring  helps to set up a more effective treament for hypertension.

- Echography and stress echo have topographic evaluation for  cardiac  damages.

Our cardiologists will  decide if patient is indicated and suitable for these exams or not.

Pediatrics Department is an open minded, friendly environment providing total care for children:

- Pediatrics consultation for medical diagnosis and treatment.

- Monitor and manage  physical and mental development of children.

- Scheduled vaccination for  WHO’s extended program  on Immunization, as well as other avalaible vaccine upon request.