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We ‘re pleased to work hard to assure a healthy life for you and your loved ones. To do that, we don’t wait but suggest a ‘seek and solve’ strategy to our precious customers.  By using our check up packages, we may detect many health issues far from their earliest manifestations. Our packages are designed differently to meet various requirements and situations of individual, family or corporate.  Such a small investment may save you a huge loss in future.



Should we do check up even when nothing is wrong ?

- Absolutely! Let’s think of our body as a extraordinary machine from nature. It’s actually a thousand times more complicated than any car, any Ipad you are using.  Any machine needs maintenance and repair from time to time. Shouldn’t we take care of our body itself , to keep it at highest performance?

- Annual exams have became routine in developed countries. After exam –including basic lab, imaging and consultation, you will understand your body’s status. Should any abnormality detected, the answer is always better than later on.

- The result may be good, you’ll be happy – or may be not good, you’ll be lucky because we’ll have a better chance to cure it effectively.

Who should have general check up ?

- Everybody ! All adults above 19yo should have regular check every 6-12 months. Many conditions can be detected early  such as dyslipidemia, hypertension, anemia, diabetes, coronary ischemic disease, osteoporosis, hepatitis, spinal degeneration.

- For children, annual exam is not only for detecting diseases but for monitoring their physical and mental development  as well as their up-to-date vaccination against popular infections. Based on age and actual condition, we ’ll have personal suggestion schedule for everybody.

Notices before check up.

- We can have recommendations but our packages are very clear and detailed so that most people can decide and pick the right one. Exam is suggested to be done in the morning because lab is always needed. i.e.  Fasting is recommended 6-12h beforehand .

- The required time for a complete package is usually 2 hours. You can, and should, have an open conversation with the doctor about your concerns to receive the most useful result. In many cases, lab and endoscopy result may need more time, you have options to get them later by fax, post mail or email.

- You can always come back later in person.

During the process, we will keep you updated regularly.


When selecting the package, you will be informed about all related details . Depending on your preferences, you’ll be reminded by phone or message 1-2 days before. Most packages can save you around 30% cost, compared with separated orders. After completing the package, the final result will be available immediately or be sent to you later, by your choice. You also are able to get the result through our website.

The Symbol of Smile

To keep our “Symbol of Smile” image, we are committed  to provide a complete and professional care with detailed info for every item in the package. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions or need further instruction.