Diagnostic Endoscopy

Yersin Endoscopy Center  has a new modern design, ensuring the required technical and medical purposes. Our water supply system is processed  with  RO filtration , rising the safety criteria of the whole area. Automatic Washer Medivator DSD201 and Elma Ultrasonic Washer 450H are installed to meet  international standards in equipment reprocessing.

Yersin Endoscopy Zone is very unique with  a harmonic structure, elegant with a cozy lounge. The procedure area is designed to separate clean and dirty flow. Our endoscopic equipments are brand new and high-tech generation . We also provide private recovery area to help patients feel comfortable after the procedure.

Faculty lounge Endoscopy Department of Endoscopy Division resuscitation

Our team members are very enthusiastic, friendly and highly qualified professionals to help patients feel secure and comfortable during the procedure. Relatives can be attended to reassure patients if needed. All relevant information will be clearly explained.

Different services are provided upon patients'  request . Besides standard ensoscopes, we offer nasal endoscopy to reduce discomfort. Capsule endoscopy may be indicated if needed. Sedation is recommended to assure patients' satisfaction and totally exclude the uncomfortable feeling of  procedure.

All referral doctor can communicate directly with us to discuss their patients. Early results can be reported soon after the procedure by phone. Results can also be sent directly by fax or email, or directly to the clinic  if specified.

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During the procedure, patients are continuously monitored for vital signs to detect cardiovascular and respiratory problems if any. After the procedure, patients are closely monitored until stabilized.

Gastroscopy in Yersin Counseling after endoscopy

Yersin Endoscopy Center is committed to take all safety procedures to ensure quuick and accurate results .

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