safe - painless - non-contagious
international standard
  • Spacious and modern facility.
  • Latest generation endoscope Olympus-EVIS-CV 1500 with diagnostic endoscope system produced 4k images and other innovative functions:
  • NBI: The power of accurate diagnosis, enhancing the quality of cancer screening.
  • TXI: Better anomaly detection.
  • RDI: Function to observe deep blood vessels and detect bleeding point and risk of bleeding.
  • Treatment regimen applied following international standards.
  • Patient privacy is prioritized.

Absolute safety
  • Vital signs examined before - during and after colonoscopy.
  • Nurses continuously monitor the patient.
  • Resuscitation doctor is always present.
  • Equipment are sterilized according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Instruments are processed by automatic washing machine.
  • Disposable biopsy forceps.

strict proceduce
  • Pre-endoscopy examination to verify indications.
  • Examination after endoscopy to consult the results.
  • Detailed information about the procedure.
  • Long term follow up and re-examination.