Cardiology Consultation

Cardiovascular disease is a very common problem. Diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary insufficiency often associated with one another and lead to myocardial injury and cardiac vascular levels. In order to determine the severity of anatomical injury, do the imaging from simple to complex, such as echocardiography, multi-slice CT coronary renewable or by cardiac catheterization. Methods to improve diagnostic imaging often only applied to patients with severe lesions should interfere with cardiac catheterization or surgery.

Yersin approach Clinic cardiovascular problems in a different direction. Rather than focusing on the treatment of critically ill patients, we believe that the detection of patients at an early stage and good treatment significantly more positive in caring for the health of individuals and communities.

To do that, the exploration of combined cardiovascular disease meticulous asking for the probe method allows different functions have a proper look bitter about the real damage can affect the function How heart.

-Normal EKG and ECG stress assess the electrical activity of the heart muscle physiology

24-hour Holter allows detection of transient arrhythmias

24-hour blood pressure monitoring help make the regime more appropriate treatment.

-Echocardiography and stress echocardiography also allows assess cardiac function correctly.

The cardiologist will examine to determine the patient's condition is indicated and appropriate to perform this test or not.


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