Pediatric Endoscopy

Pediatric Endoscopy is a very special area of gastrointestinal endoscopy. The keypoint  is not simply the device, but more importantly  the psychological impact and differences in anatomy and pathology.

First of all, the structure of childrens is very fragile and vulnerable . Therefore, equipments for children are required to be selected depending on age and weight . All related equipment such as gas pump, vacuum, electrocautery machines are to be revised accordingly. All prepared drugs such as bowel cleanser, hemostatic solution... must be recalculated based on the kid's  weight. Besides, delicate airway anatomy and popular increased hyperstimulation are precipitating risks leading to respiratory complications during the procedure

Secondly, it is hard to give explanations and consent to the child.  If we don't take this problem seriously, the event may turn into a severe psychological trauma .As a result,  sedation is recommended for virtually all pediatric endoscopy cases. Generally speaking, skilled anesthesist with good protocol  should be enough to eliminate the hazard.

Finally, expensive equipment, strict safety requirements, highly skilled staff needed ... those are reasons why the pediatric endoscopy has became a very limited field that only a few health center are willing to implement, despite its high demand.

Although being just launched , International Clinic Yersin has fullfilled all requirements to ensure a safe and comfortable endoscopy procedure  for children.

1.Friendly staff, making kids happy with his/her visit.

2. Luxury waiting area, Comfortable recovery room

3. Kids can stop by the playground to enjoy their time in Yersin Clinic

4.As mentionned before, endoscopes are used accordingly to age and weight


5.All equipments and accessories are sterilized according to international standards

6.Experienced anesthesist , specially with small children .

7. To ensure the safety of the procedure,  blood pressure, respiration and oxygen saturation are monitored continuously

8. At Yersin, we have on site senior pediatricians onsite for consultation whenever needed

9.Dad and Mom can stay with their loved one during the procedure.

10.Protocol are standardized  and strictly controlled to prevent errors and unexpected events.

Information on preparing for pediatric endoscopy


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