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  • Stroke Prevention: Lifestyle

    Risk Factors: Chronic Conditions
    Certain chronic conditions increase your risk of stroke. These include:
    •    High blood pressure
    •    High cholesterol
    •    Diabetes
    •    Obesity
    Taking steps to control these conditions may reduce your risk.

  • Stroke Survivors May Face Heightened Cancer Risk

    Older adults who survive a stroke may have a higher-than-average risk of developing cancer in the next few years, a new study suggests.

  • Silent Stroke: What You Need to Know

    Have you had a stroke? How could you tell?
    A stroke is a sudden stop of blood supply to part of the brain. Some people have strokes without ever knowing it. These so-called silent strokes either have no easy-to-recognize symptoms, or you don’t remember them. But they do cause permanent damage in your brain.



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