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  • Stroke Patients May Face Increased Risk of Suicide

    Danger is greatest in first two years after the brain attack, Swedish researchers say
    Stroke patients are at significantly increased risk of suicide, especially during the first two years following the brain attack, a new Swedish study shows.

  • What Happens

    When you have an ischemic stroke, the oxygen-rich blood supply to part of your brain is reduced. With a hemorrhagic stroke, there is bleeding in the brain.

    After about 4 minutes without blood and oxygen, brain cells become damaged and may die. The body tries to restore blood and oxygen to the cells by enlarging other blood vessels (arteries) near the area.

  • Long Sleep Time, Higher Stroke Risk?

    More than 8 hours a night linked to greater odds in study, but cause-and-effect not proved
    Adults who sleep more than eight hours a night may face a higher risk of stroke, a new analysis suggests.



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