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  • Juices: The Best and Worst for Your Health

    1) What's In Your Glass?
    Who doesn't enjoy a tall, cool glass of juice? The color is vibrant, the taste sweet, and it's good for you, too. Not so fast, say some dietitians. Although the best kinds of juice give you some nutrients, the worst are hardly better than liquid candy. You just need to know the difference.

  • Fun Facts About Fruits and Vegetables

    1) Bell Peppers Are Fruits
    Surprised? Scientists define fruit as the part of a plant that develops from a flower and has seeds. So that means bell peppers -- along with squash, cucumbers, and pumpkins -- are fruits. It's up to you whether or not to include any of those items in your next fruit salad.

  • 8 Fruits to Add to Your Grocery List

    Tropical Delights
    Move over, apples and bananas. It's time to try other tasty fruits, like acai, guava, and papaya. They've got a lot going for them.



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