Ăn uống điều độ dịp lễ Tết

Full Name: Hy Trinh

Degree: MD, Professor

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Prof Hy  is a well known friend of Viet Nam  medical community. Graduated  from Saint Antoine University Hospital (Paris, French),  Prof Hy has served as a clinical physician as well as a  senior lecturer at the institut.  Specialized in Gastroenterology, Prof Hy  was chief of Dept of Gastroenterology, Orleans hospital for many years. From 1983 to 2006, Prof Hy  worked at  Clinique de l’ Archette, Olivet , French  and  had more practical experiences in interventional endoscopy.

Since his trip back to VietNam in 1990 with ADM association, Prof Hy regularly made educational trips to many training centers and hospitals to  help improving knowledge and skills of Vietnamese doctors.  “Endoscopic treatment  is one of the main keys of modern medicine” . That’s what  Prof Hy usually says in his lecture.
Prof Hy is the honorary professor  of  Medical and Pharmaceutical  University of HoChi Minh City,  Medical University  of Hue and Medical University of Can Tho. Currently, Prof Hy is the honorary consultant of Yersin International Clinic.



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