Ăn uống điều độ dịp lễ Tết

Full Name: Mien Tran

Degree: MD, Specialist Grade II

Graduation: Ha Noi Medical University

Working: Part Time

Time: Wednesday and friday from 8: 00 to 11:30

Dr. Mien graduated from Hanoi Medical University (1968-1974). Being in field of gastrohepatologgy for decades, Dr Mien is one of leaders and founders of  VNGE (Vietnamese Association of GastroEnterology) . Currently, Dr Mien is Vice-President of  GastroIntestinal Society of HoCHiMinh City. Beside her clinical practice, Dr Mien is also a very senior lecturer of Medical and Phamaceutical University of HoChi MInh city.

Regarding field of endoscopy, Dr Mien is truly one of pioneers who practices endoscopy in its very old days, approximately 40 years ago. Besides that, Dr. Kieu Mien has devoted nearly 20 years to build and develop the digestive endoscopy section of Medical University Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City ....

Currently, Doctor Mien is a honor member of GI team od  Yersin International Clinic.



Bumrungrad International Hospital