Ăn uống điều độ dịp lễ Tết

Full Name: Hai Thanh Thi Nguyen, MD

Degree: Doctor in Medicine

Graduation: Medical Univeristy of Hue

Working: Full time

Time: Mon-Sat, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

Graduated: 2003

Medical school: Medical Univeristy of Hue

Degree: Doctor in Medicine

Post Graduate Degree:

+ Residency of Medical Univeristy of Hue, 2007
+ Specialist grade I

Specialties: Pediatrics

Post graduate training:

+ 2012, Basic and advanced management  of neonatal diseases, Pediatric Hospital  No 1, HCM city
+ Emergency medicine  of  newborn, infant and children
+ Neonatal resuscitation  - Pediatric Hospital  No 2, HCM citty
+ Vaccination and its safe practice -  Preventive Medicine Center of HCM city

Work places:

+ 2008 - 2010: Physician, Pediatric dept – Vaccination manager –SI hospital, HCM city
+ 2010 - 2012: Physician, Pediatrics dept, Hanh Phuc Hospital
+ 2013 - 3/2016: Physician, Pediatrics dept, Vu Anh  Hospital



Bumrungrad International Hospital