Ăn uống điều độ dịp lễ Tết

Full Name: Liem Nguyen

Degree: MD, Specialist Grade I

Graduation: Graduated from Medical and Pharmaceutical University of HCMC

Working: Full time

Time: Avalilable Hours:Mon – Sat : 08-12am and 1-5pm

Dr Liem Nguyen graduated from Medical and Pharmaceutical University in 1994 and completed his 1st Grade Specialist Certification in 2000. He joined the imaging and ultrasound specialty in 2005. Being passionate in this field, Dr Liem Vo has quickly got skilled in various specialties such as general and OBGYN ultrasound, vascular ultrasound and echography. After 18 years practice, Dr Liem Vo worked in many large hospital and high class clinics.


Currently, Dr Liem Nguyen is Head of Ultrasound section and is caplable to fullfill all need of clinical ultrasound.



Bumrungrad International Hospital